Jack Valmadre

Research fellow
Australian Institute for Machine Learning
University of Adelaide

I'm a researcher working on computer vision and deep learning. I'm passionate about using mathematics and programming to find elegant solutions to problems in machine learning. My research interests include optimisation, signal processing, structured prediction, weak supervision, zero- and few-shot learning, object tracking, out-of-distribution generalisation and long-tail learning.

Feel free to contact me about Masters or PhD projects!

Short bio: I obtained my PhD in 2016 from Queensland University of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Simon Lucey at CSIRO. After my PhD, I was a post-doc with Prof. Philip Torr at the University of Oxford, and then spent two and a half years at Google France, working with Prof. Cordelia Schmid. I studied Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Queensland and I used to build robots in high school.


2022-02: I've joined AIML at the University of Adelaide!

2021-09: Our open-source Python package for evaluating local multi-object tracking metrics, localmot, is now on Github.

2021-08: I have been recognised as an outstanding reviewer for ICCV 2021, in the top 5% of experienced reviewers.

2021-04: Our article “Local metrics for multi-object tracking” is now on arXiv.